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Southwood Holographics is a holography center located in the Hudson Valley. We are focused on the production of holograms, education in holography, and the pursuit of new holographic technologies. We innovated a variety of holographic technologies for the production of our holograms. These holograms can be viewed by appointment in our gallery. We produce large and small scale holograms for artists and commercial clients. We offer education opportunities for individuals and groups in the form of hands on workshops.

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Southwood Holographics was founded in 2020 by Hart Perry. It assumed the assets of the Holographic Film Company which was founded in the early 70's.

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  • Transmission Holograms (Laser viewable) and white light transmission holograms (white light viewable) are made on our 8 foot by 4 foot vibration isolation table for their holography classes and AIR artists. This type of hologram is made for large format holograms in the John Perry system. This type of hologram was innovated by Bill Molteni in the late 70’s with an NEA grant. Bill also innovated black and white and color stereo grams with additional NEA research grants. The physicist, John Perry, innovated a method of making large scale holograms in Molteni’s system. This involved building a 20 foot by 30  foot vibration isolation table in our lab.

  • We produce reflection holograms on both of our vibration isolation tables.

  • In the 70’s Hart Perry was one of the cameramen who shot the film with which Lloyd Cross would make a major innovation in holography.  At that time holograms could only be made of inanimate objects in a laboratory. Lloyd Cross innovated a way to make holograms of people moving and of out door scenes. He did this by making a machine that made holograms from motion picture film. Hart, Bill Molteni and Rudie Berkhout, with Lloyd’s help, built a machine which produced 120° and 360° stereograms in the Lloyd Cross technique. Rudie Berkhout innovated the production of flat stereograms with this machine that we still operate to this day. In our Artist In Residence program, Aaron Kurzen innovated mixed media and sculpture holograms with stereograms. Dan Schweitzer innovated the combination of white light transmission holograms with stereograms. Hart Perry innovated the use of slow motion, time lapse photography, animation and special effects in the production of stereograms. 


  • In development: Bill Molteni is making a digital projector for holograms that we will use for the production of large format stereograms, digital imagery and vertical and horizontal parallax.  He has built 3 of these machines before. 


Would you like to book a private tour, order a hologram, or find out more information about our education opportunities?

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