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Co-Founder & Director

Hart Perry is a renowned filmmaker and the co-founder & director of Southwood Holographics. Our facilities are located on Perry's historic estate along the Hudson River. Hart Perry is a holographic innovator and multiplex holography specialist.

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Educator & Consultant

Melissa Crenshaw is a well known holographic artist and has taught workshops in the USA, Canada, and China. Her artworks are in a number of international collections. Melissa has designed and built several holography studios. She worked as a research holography, specifically for Philips Lighting, where her team invented a patented holographic optics (MesoOptics) for the lighting industry. Melissa is a lead educator and consultant for Southwood Holographics.



Senior Consultant

William Molteni is a holographic innovator and scientist. His work in holography include innovations in black & white and color holography. William (Bill) Molteni was a founding member of the Holographic Film Co. with Hart Perry and Rudie Berkhout in the 1970s and was an integral member in the multiplex machine project. He went on to work as a Senior Scientist for Polaroid and worked at DuPont Displays and Magic Leap. Molteni continues to work with Southwood Holographics as a senior consultant for technical innovations.

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