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We expanded our laboratory to include a 20' x 30' vibration isolation table for large scale holography. The table is built on an Alaskan slab of concrete and is fully isolated from the rest of the building that we have built. This allows us to produce large scale transmission and white light transmission holograms and stereograms. We acquired laboratory equipment from John Perry of HoloNorth for making large scale holograms. John Perry continues to serve as a consultant for Southwood Holographics. 

Our laboratory, in an adjacent building, features an 8 x 4’ vibration isolation table with mounts and optics for tabletop holography. This setup is great for anyone starting out or continuing their practice in small-scale holography. Also in this building we have a darkroom for holographic film processing, a clean room, and film equipment.

From the Holographic Film Company we have a collection of close to 300 120 degree, 360 degree holographic movies, Rudie Berkhout flat holograms, Bill Molteni black and white and realistic color stereograms. These were produced for commercial clients, artists and for flat holograms. Other assets from HFC include optics, mounts, and machine shop equipment 

In another building we have a film studio with cameras, lights, grip and turntable for making holographic movies. In this building we have built a gallery to display our holograms and an office. 

Construction of 20' x 30' vibration isolation table
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