Artist in Residence program


The Artist In Residence program at Southwood Holographic Laboratory in the Mid-Hudson region of New York provides artists with the tools and support to create many types of holograms. The HoloCenter is the sponsor of the program.  We will grant one artist up to one month to produce their artwork. We have a team of dedicated and technically proficient artists and technicians who are developing the program and will work beside the selected resident artist. The artist will be accommodated in a guest house on the Southwood Estate.

The artist selected will be supported to develop their concept for a single work or a limited series of holograms in which they have the ability to control both the spatial and temporal dimensions of the imagery. 

We can produce holographic stereograms that allow for movement and images from outside the laboratory. We can produce Lloyd Cross rainbow 120 and 360 degree holographic stereograms. We will work with artists to generate, capture and composite an image sequence for hologram printing. Artists can use the onsite film studio equipped with cameras, turntable, lights and grip equipment and a range of digital 3D graphics and compositing tools for the production of their holographic image sequences. 

We can also produce laser viewable, white light transmission and reflection holograms from inanimate objects. We produce Rudie Berkhout flat stereograms and Bill Molteni black and white and color holograms. We are working to craft the John Perry large format white light transmission holograms with his equipment. 

Artists in the past helped innovate new types of holograms. The Dancer by Nora Guthrie was filmed with a high speed camera to capture leaps without distortion. Rudie Berkhout’s Flowers Opening innovated the use of time-lapse photography.  Dan Schweitzer’s Movie Theater combined a white light transmission hologram of an audience with a Cross hologram of Dan on the movie screen reaching into the audience. Aaron Kurzen created sculptures that included holograms, combining virtual and physical elements in space.

Project proposals should be 1-2 pages and include the following:

  • Artist introduction

  • Description of project 

  • Your experience in art, holography, or related field


We are accepting proposals between 6/1/2021 – 9/1/2021. Production of artist holograms begins in 9/20/21. Artist must be based in the USA. Please email your proposals to Anaka Decker at anakamariedecker@gmail.com

Movie Theater, Rainbow Stereogram by Dan Schweitzer